Acute & Chronic Care
“I believe in Homeopathy, but I believe more in Ruja and her way of always finding a remedy for everything.  Ruja has treated me from a simple cold to more important issues, which were going on with my health.  After almost a year under Ruja’s supervision, I feel better and live better”. -S.O.

“Ruja knocked my kid’s Ringworm infection out of the body so quickly! Yay!” -A.P.

Behavioral Health
“My young daughter with Down syndrome has a multitude of complex and revolving behavioral issues. We are working with a behavior therapist in combination with Ruja’s practical and insightful expertise. Her patience and motherly intuition are helping us navigate the underlying layers of health and wellness to clear and shift our daughter’s mind set and emotional state with safe, gentle and natural remedies”. -A.K.

Menopause & Women’s Health
“I started counseling with Ruja some 2 years ago.  At that time my major complaint was severe hot flashes. I appreciate her compassionate in depth questioning and effective counseling eliciting some other problems: high cholesterol, knee and hip pain, depression and leg cramping. Although I now still have occasional mild hot flashes, they are no longer debilitating. My tests show a significant drop in cholesterol and pain is no longer a major factor”.  -B.R.

“My whole life I have been plagued by allergies. I’ve had environmental, food, random allergies; people used to tell me I should live in a bubble. Only being exposed to conventional Western medicine, my temporary bursts of relief would come from Zertec and Claratin during the day, to Benadryl at night. In college I began to become more frustrated as it seemed that every environment would spark a reaction. The dusty classrooms, the dustier dorm rooms, to an ingredient in food, no matter what I did it didn’t seem that I could avoid having an allergy attack.

When I heard about Ruja and homeopathy, I was open and enthusiastic to see what non-conventional methods had to offer. My first session was two hours long and incredibly detailed, a stark contrast to the average 2 minutes–5 if I got lucky–quality time with my medical doctor. Ruja was welcoming, non-judgmental, and genuinely wanted to help me get better; she also got to know me as a whole person, something I greatly appreciated and made more sense to me instead of trying to address a symptom. She also asked really good questions that helped me begin to think critically about daily habits and signals from my body that I wasn’t always paying much attention to.

We’ve been working together for a while now, and I’m happy to say that through homeopathy, most of my allergies have completely gone away. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I had an allergy attack. I barely ever sneeze, and best of all, I no longer have a 24/7 stuffy nose. Previous to homeopathy, the constant congestion would give me headaches and allergy medications would make me drowsy and unable to focus, a standard I had grown accustomed to. My homeopathic remedies helped me begin to get at the root of many of my symptoms–stress and emotional triggers being largely responsible– and helped strengthen my immune system, beginning to shield me from the outside world I was so sensitive to. In essence, homeopathy helped me form my own bubble, one that allows me to interact with the world in more and more enriching ways, and gives me the strength to push more boundaries with my health than I thought was ever possible. I honestly owe it to Ruja. Thank you”. -T.B.

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